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One does the hard work, stresses out just as much, and risks more than the other professionals in the field. Yet they end up generating more incomes than the one working harder. That raises the question in everyone’s minds. Well, to be very honest, one may be missing the critical details that can make or break a business.


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Tony Deoleo

The author’s name is Tony Deoleo, and he believes that he sees himself in you. He is working as a fitness expert and celebrity fitness trainer in, Los Angeles, the capital of fitness. Through the author’s experience, research, and extensive travel, Deoleo has learned from many masters of the field, both old and new. He has also worked with giant revenue-generating firms and some highly successful marketing and sales representatives. According to a self-learned tip, being in one field does not restrict one from seeking more knowledge and experience from other disciplines.


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It does take an exceptional writer to get one hooked from the early stages. Thus, the first couple of chapters are very crucial and here is a preview from Deoleo’s book.

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Closing 100% of Your Fitness Consultations

A video trailer for one of the most underrated topics is now here. Have a look at what Tony Deoleo’s new book, Closing 100% of Your Fitness Consultations has to offer.


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