About the Book

Closing 100% of Your Fitness Consultations

One does the hard work, stresses out just as much, and risks more than the other professionals in the field. Yet they end up generating more incomes than the one working harder. That raises the question in everyone’s minds. Well, to be very honest, one may be missing the critical details that can make or break a business. As stressed individuals, we often tend to sweep those finer points under the carpet or overlook them, not understanding how they might serve us. The only thing that needs to be done is to channel your efforts in the direction where it makes an impact. And how are you going to do that? This is where my book will help you. Closing 100% of Your Fitness Consultations will be your guide and help you navigate the loopholes and mazes of the fitness and training business. It will teach you how to generate consistent leads and turn faithful prospects into your fitness/health training business. Every success journey begins with one small step taken in the right direction, followed by more steps. It’s becoming more and more challenging to thrive in the modern market, considering the increasing competition and variety. Under such conditions, sticking to traditional methods of running a business won’t cut it. New markets demand that you find new paths, engage with the audience, and remain consistent while you are at it. Your audience can be devoted, a literate brand evangelist, or completely uninformed. It’s your job to appeal to them and then to retain them.