About the Author

Tony Deoleo

The author’s name is Tony Deoleo, and he believes that he sees himself in you. He is working as a fitness expert and celebrity fitness trainer in, Los Angeles, the capital of fitness. Through the author’s experience, research, and extensive travel, Deoleo has learned from many masters of the field, both old and new. He has also worked with giant revenue-generating firms and some highly successful marketing and sales representatives. According to a self-learned tip, being in one field does not restrict one from seeking more knowledge and experience from other disciplines. To test his theories, the author worked with some acquaintances, friends, and family. He poured the necessary success potion into their dying fitness business plans and brought them back to life. Today, he proudly might be making millions in a year, but sometime back, Tony Deoleo was just an ordinary person, with dreams of hitting it big. By applying the secrets of success that he shares in the book, he got a response that surprised him. And that’s how he built my international franchise from scratch.